Artistic Statement & CV

Rural life is the point of focus in my work, this includes familiarity, closeness, and togetherness, as well as simplicity, slowness and physical labour in my villages. Through the subjects I visualise in my folk works, I try to arouse viewers’ attention for the rural life.

I dive into my past and attempt to capture moments that I have experienced from a young age. The images refer to my memories from the village where I grew up as a child in the countryside of South China.

My work is characterised by its earthly tones that reference this landscape. During the making process, I imitate the postures of the farmers by bending over or kneeling on the ground. My material relation with the paints, pastels, charcoal, canvas and clay is of essence: mirroring the relation amongst the farmer, their land and nature.

With my work, I not only give a glimpse into my personal background, but also turn my focus towards traditional crafts and techniques that, just like togetherness in our current time, I feel, sometimes get lost.